Red Rose Air Freshener

  • Product Code: Red Rose



Brand: Al-Rehab
Size/Vol.: 300ml
-Al Rehab Red Rose aerosol room and air freshener has a sweet, fresh rose fragrance good for refreshing your mood. It is free from alcohol, safe to use and has multiple uses!
- This Al Rehab Red Rose aerosol Room and Air Freshener can by Al Rehab is intended for room & air freshening use only. Famous Al Rehab fragrances are used in these products.
- It helps in soothing and relaxing the mood. Comes in a aerosol can. This genuine Al Rehab product is high quality and longer lasting. Manufactured in United Arab Emirates.
- Al Rehab Red Rose air freshener is formulated with a secret blend of essential oils and anti bacterial ingredients. Developed to effectively overcome unpleasant odors and make the ambiance fragran

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