Mabkhar - Charcoal Incense Burner

  • Product Code: Mabkhar



-Colours : Silver & White
- Dimensions For Burner : Height - 15cm, Width and Depth at widest point: 10cm
- Top Tray : 8cm Diameter by 2.5cm Deep
- Weight : 300
- This beautifully decorated Gorgeous traditional Arabic Style incense Burner is ideal for burning all types of bakhoor/incense and resins. The top tray is removable. Incense Burners are beautifully crafted like ornaments. It helps filling your rooms with wonderful fragrances like frankincense and many types of Bakhoor.
- Please Never leave the burners unattended whilst in use especially when children are around. It gets extremely hot and could be a fire hazard!

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